Your Princess Is In Another Dungeon I

XP Awarded LegionDM

Host: LegionDM

1.) Artemis
2.) Haelyn
3.) Kay
4.) Otoahhastis


+290gp to all
Kay: 255 XP
Art, Hae, & Oto: 300 XP
Haelyn: +2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, +1 Potion of Mage Armor


Oto: -1 CLW Potion


A mysterious figure known as "T" hired some sell-swords to investigate the sewers in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped friend of his; however, upon investigating the sewers, the party came into contact with a nasty fire drake and befriended a strange reptilian that lead them to the room where they found their employer dead upon the ground and, in his blood, the wall was scribbled with the message "Your Princess Is In Another Dungeon".

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