Titles: Prince of darkness
Home: Hell
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Tyranny, Slavery, Pride, Contracts
Worshipers: Slavers, Bureaucrats, Tyrants
Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Domains: Devil, Evil, Fire, Law, Trickery, Magic
Blessings: Evil,Fire, Law, Trickery, Magic
Favored Weapon: Mace
Symbol: A Devil Skull
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Black, Red


Beyond humans and other "civilized" races, Yarnos is commonly worshiped by kobolds. His dogma of subjugation of the weak through trickery appeals to kobolds, who live in a society with a strict hierarchy and use deception to make up for their physical weakness. Yarnos is also a god of fire, which kobolds use extensively in mining and metalworking. Kobold priests of Yarnos appeal to their kindred's insecurity and lust for power, making them easily manipulated pawns


Yarnos has many names: The Prince of Lies, The Prince of Darkness, The Adversary, The Prince of Light. It is believed that Yarnos was the first devil in existence, having been cast down from the heavens when he challenged the rulings of the gods of law and good. After being cast down, Yarnos constructed a plane he called Hell. There he built his palace of iron and basalt on the lowest and darkest region of Hell. He divided this realm into nine distinct regions and appointed his closest allies to rule. Each lord was allowed to mold and shape his domain as he saw fit, but all paid homage to Yarnos.

Yarnos is said to be one with the plane. As the gods of law are to the planes of good, so is Yarnos to Hell. Nothing goes unnoticed by him on Hell. All movements are seen, all whispers are heard. A plan is not hatched or contrived without Yarnos’s knowledge. When people speak of Hell, they speak of Yarnos and vice versa. No creature, it is thought, stands a chance against Yarnos on Hell, . By sending his agents to the Material Plane to corrupt good-aligned beings Yarnos grows in strength. And this strength gives him power, power that surpasses any he ever had—including his near deific powers he possessed in the planes of good.


Yarnos is also capable of taking the shape of any creature, an ability he uses to gain an advantage in negotiations through intimidation, comfort, or pity. He is also represented by his holy symbol.

Divine Intervention

There has been no interventions on his part as of yet.

Divine Servants

The Prince of Darkness has many servants who rise and fall in popularity according to his whims.

Knights of Yarnos wear the typical black and red associated with the Dark Prince, often wielding a spiked mace. They seek out order to gain power. Some call themselves paladins to give their behavior a gloss of righteousness

Church of Yarnos

Yarnos' faith is strongest in T'Karon and several of its vassal states. He preaches strict discipline and unwavering devotion from his worshipers; the strong should rule the weak. The Prince of Darkness expects flattery from his followers, appreciating it for what it is, and delights in deals and contracts that secretly favor one party over another.

The Church of Yarnos is taking an active role in caring for the orphans left by Wars. Monasteries have been established to look after these unfortunates, and indoctrinate them in the worship of Yarnos .

Worshipers and Clergy

Yarnos' priests usually dress in black decorated with red, and often wear horned masks or helmets, and his clergy includes clerics and wizards. Clothing worn is usually expensive, and clearly so, as the faith preaches that wealth attracts wealth. Followers of the Prince of Darkness often include nobles and bureaucrats, especially those participating in the slave trade and in those nations where his worship is openly accepted. In countries where Yarnos is not worshiped openly, priests are expected to abide by local laws and take sacrifices only from willing victims. It is also common for individual priests to offer the sacrifice of a small animal before preparing spells.

Temples and Shrines

Public temples dedicated to Yarnos can be found in Some nations , often existing alongside and within the nation's government buildings. Secret houses dedicated to the Prince of Darkness exist throughout Aldium Many of his temples were originally dedicated to other gods, but were abandoned or purchased by his faithful and profaned to serve their purposes.

Holy Texts

The Yarnosian Disciplines
Yarnos' doctrines and the practices of his faithful can be found within this document. It is accompanied by various additions and supplemental documents

The Yarnean Monograph
This text records a simplified version of the doctrine of the Prince of Darkness, although it relies on many supplemental volumes and appendices


Yarnos has a day in which he is celebrated and honored. It is usually in the Second Month of the Harvest Moon the last day of the this month.

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