Vada Compendium

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Random facts.

1. Vada are the only race in the known world to be immune to Arcanium.
2. Vada Hail from the island called Vadalani
3. Most Vada worship Alaister and believe he made them.
4. Calling a black haired Vada a black hair is usually considered a racial insult if it comes from a non black haired Vada (usually because it is used in a derogatory form).
5. Most Vada are blonde.
6. Though not all of them have it, some Vada have a slight glow to their eyes.

Random cultural facts

1. Racial slurs that can offend a Vada: Glow eye
2. Despite being a culture based around magic, Some of the strongest witchhunters and mage slayers in history have come from them.
3. None blonde Vada are considered minorities in their society. Black haired Vada, specifically, are stereotyped to be criminal and problematic most of them typically cannot use magic.
4. The Island of Vadalani is in a alliance with Listra. This sometimes can cause assumptions from people.

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