Originating from the nation of Avalie Vada hail from the island of Vadalani , a mysterious continent to the far south—rich in the mineral known as arcanium, which is used to create magical items; however, before it is refined, it is extremely radioactive and lethal to all other races but the Vada, whom are immune to this type of radiation energy and seem to be soaking in it. A theory of their origins is that possibly an ancient colony of Elves and Humans found its way to the Vadalani continent and, over years of being exposed to the radiation, became a different race altogether. Ancient archeological remains of elves and humans have been found on the continent; yet, there is no written record of them ever living there, not even in the ancient Vadalani libraries.

Physical Description: Vada look very much like Humans and are almost indistinguishable, with a few exceptions: almost all Vada have blonde hair, green or blue eyes and have a distinguishable accent among them when they speak. Some other hair and eye colors have been noted from time to time, although any other color than blonde is usually seen as a minority by most Vada. Another unique physical feature that makes them stand out is their faces tend to have the chiseled look of Elves or Half-Elves, but they do not possess their ears. Some vada have dim glowing eyes that tend to match the color of their eye coloring.

Society: Vada seem to revolve their entire society and beliefs around magic, with the leaders of their settlements and cities always being some form of arch-mage or very powerful caster. There are, however, some vada that do not use the arts of magic and choose to practice martial professions instead; though respected in their society, most Vada see the latter as stupid, but very rarely would they lash out such insults to their face.

Relations: Vada tend to get along with most races. They see Awakened Golems as kindred allies, but usually butt heads with Elves, having a different view of how magic should be used and practiced. Most elves see them as abusers of their ability to cast magic and believe they have no moderation when it comes to its use; nothing is forbidden to a vada. Outsiders tend to deeply insult vada of both races with the term "gloweye"; vill tend to insult them with the term "dandelion" or something equally yellow and, preferably, weak (banana, for instance).

Alignment and Religion: The personality of a vada tends to differ from individual to individual, much like a human. Most vada, however, worship Alaister and believe that He is the creator of their race.

Adventurers: Vada who take up adventuring are usually looking for some new knowledge or a particular forgotten lore. It is not normally arcane topics that lead a vada to explore, but some random question to their secondary field of knowledge. A vada interested in cheese-making who hears of a new kind of cheesecloth, or one who has studied cobbling who seeks a unique style of boot, simply must seek the provenance of this new marvel, even if its hundred of miles away. Not many vada go on adventuring for fame, wealth or glory; it's usually stereotyped that vada whom fall under this catagory are unable to cast magic.

Racial Benefits
Ability Bonus: +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength. Vada are educated and have a high sense of reason, but lack physical prowess.
Medium: Vada are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Type: Vada are Humanoids with the Vada subtype.
Normal Speed: Vada have a base speed of 30 feet.
Educated: Vada receive a +2 bonus to knowledge checks.
Deep magic Vada gain a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance and a +2 racial bonus on dispel checks.
Bonuses: Vada are immune to arcanium and arcanium energy effects (but not an explosion), such as arcanium energy bursts and radiation. They do not need to make a fortitude roll to pick it up or touch it.
Languages: Vada being speaking Vadalani and Common. Vada with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages. The bonus languages are not retroactive if you increase your Intelligence score.

Vada Ethnicities

Vada fall into one of these groupings.


Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
18 years 62 years 93 years 125 years 185 years

Need help for weight? use Height and weight chart

Gender Height Weight
Male 5' - 6'6 130 - 220 lbs.
Female 4'7 - 6'1 95 - 185 lbs.
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