Trial of Plague

Xp Awarded LegionDM


1.) Lothorru
2.) Ryoko
3.) Draklaar
4.) Gwynn

Treasure & Expenses:

1.) Ryoko: -50gp, -4 Arrow, +225xp, +237gp
2.) Lothorru: -110gp, +225xp, +237gp
3.) Gwynn: -2 Arrow, +225xp, +237gp
4.) Draklaar: +225xp, +237gp


A very pretty man dressed in white with long blonde hair, a rithian, appeared in the market square captivating everyone with song. He warned of the coming war to the Lyrians and told of a trial to test one's courage and strength. Five trials total exist, and the first was in the Blighted Forest. The party ventured to their first trial and saw the visions of Lyria torn apart by the initial invasion. Stunned by the emotional visual, they were then confronted by six skeletons brandishing various weapons. After a lengthy quarrel, the skeletons were vanquished and the trial passed. They were then told their next trial would be upon the Lyrian sea.

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