Titles: The great darkness
Home: Negative Energy Plane
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Negative energy, darkness,destruction
Worshipers: Undead, evil and neutral mortals, monsters
Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
Domains: Destruction, death, Evil
Blessings: Destruction, Death, Evil
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
Symbol: A orb of dark energy
Sacred Animal: Death's Head Hawkmoth
Sacred Colors: Deep violet and black


Toldoth’s servants revere the forces of death, destruction, and decay—all the things that sap life and strength from mortal bodies and souls. They crave personal power, many hope for eternal life through undeath, and they look to Toldoth as the source of all they desire. Toldoth is the source of all sickness, suffering, weakness, and death. Undead followers of Toldoth believe that all life will be extinguished in Toldoth’s final victory, and that they are the rightful inheritors of the earth—the next step of evolution, so to speak, after mortal life.


Toldoth was one of the first two ancients to be created along with Elishar, he created the negative energy plane after Elishar created the Positive Energy plane


It usually appears as a nightshade (any variety) or a wraith.

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

Church of Toldoth

Toldoth’s clergy wear robes of deep violet or black during their vile ceremonies. If they are not themselves undead (many are), they wear masks or change themselves with illusions to appear so. Beyond their ritual duties, clerics of Toldoth are busy masterminding evil cults. They direct their minions in the full range of evil activities, from careful kidnappings and sacrifices to random violence and senseless slaughter. Often, their goal is simply evil for evil’s own sake.

Worshipers and Clergy

Most followers of Toldoth are monsters, many are undead, and few are humanoids, though dark cults of Toldoth exist throughout civilized lands.

Temples and Shrines

In lands that have thrown in their lot with Toldoth—evil kingdoms and the realms of savage humanoids, for example—Toldoth’s dark temples stand prominently with no need to hide. They are built with black stone and often swathed in spells of darkness and shadow.

Holy Texts

The Skotologia, an obscene book of prayers and teachings penned by the Amul Keshan, includes these words, considered the best summation of Toldoth’s teachings

“Seek the dark, and give yourself to it. Let it suffuse you, hollow you out and fill you with its emptiness. Let it own you, and you find its power in your grasp. You possess the life that survives life’s extinction, the darkness that remains when the light is extinguished, the black flame that never stops burning. And when it has consumed your self, you will be one with it, sharing all its strength.”



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