Tisiphone the Doll
Aliases: The Doll
Age: 150
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5'
Weight: 102 lbs
Race: Dhampir
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Level: 1
Hit Points: 0/0
Spell Power: 0/0
Experience: 0
Money: 300
Current Status: Active
Played by D


Tisiphone can sometimes be found amongst general society, that is when she is looking for better game. She is well-dressed, quite beautiful (except for the scar that runs down her right cheek) and though she is shy, she can be aggressive as well. She is well spoken, when she does speak, and has the most lovely silvery voice. She is often regarded as a desirable young lady, charming and lovely. And this can be true, of course. But her femininity should never be taken as a weakness. She is as deadly as she is beautiful, yet impressively skilled at concealing her true nature.

Most times, however, she is found on the streets, in the darkest of places, moving amongst the shadows. A dark, tattered, pale skinned wraith of a dirty girl, she is vicious and scary.

She believes that killing is an art, and a game, and she treats it as such. She is a wonderful actress, and enjoys toying with her victims much like a cat toys with a mouse. It is believed that she is mad, and perhaps she is. This would explain so much.

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