Alignment: Lawful Evil
Capital: T'Karon
Ruler: Emperor Alethius II
Government: Selected Emperor and Senate
Demonym: Thelanians
Adjective: Thelanian


The nation of Thelania can be traced back to elven roots, and to the kingdom of Alisharia; though, its sketchy at best since the history of Thelania varies. It depends on how Alisharia tells the tale and how Thelania itself tells it; though, there are some common mentions in both of the history texts which can only be assumed to be true. Sometime between 2E 500 and 2E 510, one of the old noble houses, known as House Kharis, in the capital city of Lara, founded an organization of law enforcers known as the Listerian which roughly translates into "Fist of the Law". The methods for up keeping the law in Alisharia conflicted with the chaotic good ethics of the nation, considering the Listerian group slowly, over the years, bent towards lawful evil, believing it's how the government should be ran, and it's how the people should be "kept safe" and laws, throughout the nation, should be enforced.

By the year 2E 700, House Kharis had been renamed to House Listran, and any elf that was in league with the house, or were part of the Listerian group, were known as "Listrans". By this time, the Listrans were in every corner of the nation of Alisharia, and they enforced their methods to the villages and cities in which they were responsible for. They sometimes bent laws and used rough translations of the laws to carry our their methods. Also, by this point, they were known to have become worshipers of Yarnos, believing that the words of the 'Lord of Light' held some truth to them, and they believed that people needed a steady hand for their own sake.

Tension between the other houses and House Listran started to swell up between the kingdom; though, the reasons and justifications vary depending which nation tells the story. One thing is certain: In the year 2E 900, conflict between the elven houses and House Listran brought war to the nation of Alisharia. The Listrans eventually were weeded out of the nation, and, though most where executed and imprisoned, some managed to escape the nation. They made their way north through Ehral, and eventually the remaining Listrans made their way towards Ailar.


The city was founded in what is known as the Thurmon Expanse in the Naedir forest and began to slowly expand its borders and territories as they started to meet demand for more resources and territory. there was little contest or conflict during their expansion with the exemption of a few tribal races within the Expanse specifically, the Asterion who had roamed most of the lands for centuries before Listrans came to the Ailar shores.


The nation of Thelania first started off as a simple commune within the Naedir forest; however, as the years passed and more Listrans started to come from Caran and thus more Villages and cities started too form. Which mean there was a need for more territory. They expanded all over the Naedir forest and began working their way south until the already established nation of Msika took notice of them and began to reinforce their borders and made a show of force within them.They slowly encroached the Thurmon Expanse with little notice from the Asterion until they took Unaki.


The Thelanian government is operated by a selected emperor and the senate. Usually, the selected emperor is a great hero or general or some head political figure. Sometimes it is taken into consideration if they have had previous emperors in the bloodline, but that is not always the case.

Government policy within Thelanian is focused upon maintaining order and quelling dissent. There is a great deal of physical peace and order, which allows the lives of ordinary citizens to proceed normally, but it carries a high moral price. All men are required to join the military for 2 years once they become 18, the weak are subjugated, slavery is a major market in the empire and feudalism is a major part of their economic system having many a serf working for some lord's land to name a few.


Thelania has one of the largest military organizations in the Emril Region.

Noble houses



The laws of Thelania are based upon the teachings of Yarnos which also serve as the primary religious text for the Church of Yarnos. Many of these laws are not enforced, and may not even be enforceable, but they serve the purpose of the government by allowing the prompt removal of undesirable elements of society under some perceived or interpreted infraction.


The symbol for the empire of Thelania is the phoenix, to symbolize how they rose from the ashes.

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