Theatre Spectacular

DM Name: SageHaven
Exp to Joreth: 900

Samiya basir

Experience: (self explanatory)
Kylee 900
Kani 900
Samiya basir 900

Treasure: (items gained money ect)
Kylee 326 GP -Big Bird's Head, silver quill
Kani 326 GP
Samiya basir 326 GP

Expenses: (arrows used money ect)
Kylee 12 arrows
Kani 13 arrows
Samiya basir 11 bullets, 2 CMW pots

Quest Date: 12/7/2014

Quest Summary: The group helped Mr Rogers take back the Land of Make Believe, killing Big Bird and dethroning Lamb Chop.

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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