The World
Location: The Great Dark beyond

Geographical features

Aldium is mostly compromised of water with a few clusters of continents known as regions scattered throughout the world. Aldium is about the size of the planet, Neptune, which is four times the size of Earth. It has the basic metals found on earth, with the exception of a few new added metals and minerals, such as Adamantine and Arcanium crystals. The sun is equivalent, in size, to the sun in real life and the planet is the same proximity away from the sun.

Unlike Earth in real life, Aldium has two moons that orbit the same distance as the moon in real life that Earth has. These two moons are known as Selia and Celina.


Below are the known regions of the world. Most of the game's role-play happens in the Emril Region.

Deino Region Emril Region

Native Sapient Races

the moons Selia (Left) and Celina (right) under the night sky
Asterion Awakened Golem Canidae Deathtouched Dhampir Dwarf
Elf Fey Touched Gilarsh Half-Dwarf Half-Elf Half-Orc
Half-Rai Houri Human Kitsune Liya Piper
Rai Tengu Vada

Native Creatures That Have The Great Dark Beyond Origins


Native Outsiders

Aasimar Ifrit Oread
Sylph Tiefling Undine
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