The Vigils
The Vigils
Leader: Chief of the Vigils
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Headquarters: Lyria
Scope: Local (Lyria)
Structure: Military Company
Members: Town Guards

A typical Vigil Paladin Fighter and Wizard


The Vigils are ultimately charged with maintaining order within all of Lyria (as well as protecting Lyria from outside threats and have active involvement in internal affairs). The Vigils house themselves inside Enald Keep as part of an ancient pact between themselves and the Royals. The Vigils involve themselves in internal political struggles and maintain the outer wall of the city (and Enald Keep). The Vigils serve Lyria, and are often involved in internal conflicts. This means the Vigils must keep internal conflicts from brewing into full civil war that could threaten the city.

Goals: Protect and Serve

The Vigil run regular patrols along the main paths near Lyria, and run periodic patrols into the nearby wilderness areas. These patrols are designed to enforce laws; indeed, if they come across a major legal infraction they try to stop it. Lyria has learned over the centuries that major sieges rarely happen without warning, and it is these kind of large-scale problems the Vigils are to be on the lookout for. They report everything from patrols of nomads to merchant caravans, lone wanders, bands of adventurers, and rogue slaver camps. While some Vigil officers take action when they see a reasonable chance of success in stopping a crime, they ensure whatever they see is reported back to the Quartermaster.


The leadership of the Vigils is similar to that of a police force: from a private who does beats, to sergeants who look out for certain shifts, and detectives who investigate certain types of crimes. The overall leader is the Chief of the Guard, while Guard Commissioners are in charge of every individual district.


Despite the stereotype that all Vigils are just fighters, this is far from the truth; there are people of all classes and ways of life serving the Vigils.

Interested in joining?

You must be lawful good or lawful neutral to join the Vigils.

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