The Planes

The Temporal Web is a term that encompasses all the planes of existence that make up the known multiverse. These realities beyond our reality are the domains of the gods, and play home to non-godly powers fit for worship, planar dragons, and entirely alien races.

In total, there are Countless planes that comprise the Temporal Web, modeled as two spheres: the Inner Sphere and the Outer Sphere. Connecting the two spheres is the Astral Plane. The spaces between the planes contain countless demiplanes. Despite the names implying a spherical layout, the planes exist on dimensions incomprehensible to mortals, thus these terms are used to represent the planes in two or three dimensions.

Knowledge Planes DC

To avoid accidental metagaming, each plane has a minimum K.Planes dc listed for the information being provided and only the information that is provided on the stat block

Inner Sphere

The Inner Sphere is the center of the Temporal web, sitting at the hub of creation surrounded by the Astral Plane. It is composed of the immensely huge, yet finite layers of the Elemental Planes, which surrounded the Materialand Shadow Planes , which are in turn separated by the Ethereal . At the metaphysical center of these sit the dualistic Positive and Negative Energy Planes.

Material Plane

Elemental Planes

Elemental Plane of Air
Elemental Plane of Water
Elemental Plane of Earth
Elemental Plane of Fire

Transitive planes

Ethereal Plane
Shadow Plane

Energy planes

Positive Energy Plane
Negative Energy Plane

Astral Plane

Astral Plane

Outer Sphere

Demiplanes and other Dimensions

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