The Mysterious Knight

XP Awarded LegionDM


1.) Draklaar
2.) Lyve
3.) Janice

Treasure & Expenses:

+308 XP

1.) Lyve; +1 Pipe for smoking (cosmetic), -7 arrow (7gp to replace)
2.) Janice; Little black diary half-written in (cosmetic)


After venturing further north from Arphenion's camp, the party came to the base of Mount Moldova where they entered into a cavern that looked to house more cultists. What they discovered was the camp of a mysterious gilarsh knight that toyed with the party until his henchman could make it to a ship hidden within the mountain.

After their quarrel, the party is only left with the knowledge that Caran houses the next page of the necronomicon, and this powerful gilarsh is the one that possesses it.

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