The ancients

The Ancients are among the oldest beings worshiped in all of Aldium. said to have been either before the world was created or shortly after. Even though they fall under the category of gods, most will argue and debate that they are not gods at all. It is also believed that Some Ancients still roam the mortal plane. Some mortals Have blood of the ancients coursing through their veins, but rarely does it grant them any divine powers. While some Ancients are or were physical beings of immense power, such as Elishar, others seem to be abstract concepts that may or may not have roots in an actual person or creature.

Despite alignment all of the Ancients with the exception of toldoth are anti-undead i (confused? ask a GM for help)

Name Domain Alignment
Alcestis Goddess of the the Moon, Goddess of the Crossways Goddess of Night Neutral Evil
Elishar The Holy light Neutral Good
Ferrakus Lord of Fire True Neutral
Hersius The Sky lord True Neutral
Schala The Sea Maiden Chaotic Neutral
Thamul The Earth King True Neutral
Toldoth Lord Of darkness (Not worshipable) Neutral Evil
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