Temple District

Points of Interest within the Temple District.

1. Allerian Cathedral
2. Church of orus

The Temple District is where the Allerian Cathedral is located. It is the main focal point of the district and the streets are often filled with pilgrims traveling from great distances to worship at it. The temple itself is located in the center of the district. The temple is large enough to give each of the Divine Eight their own wing within it.


The entrance to the allerian Cathedral

The rest of the district has various homes and abbeys that house the clerics and train them in the arts and ways of their chosen god, as long as it is within the Allerian Pantheon. There are some statues of the lesser gods scattered around the district, but there are no evil god statues or temples within it. The only evil god that has a church is Orus, for his worshipers handle all the funeral rites for the fallen and maintain the cemeteries.


The church of Orus.

The church of Orus is the only evil god to have his own church within the district. Since his church handles all the funeral rites for the city they require their own section and church. The location of the church is back by the wall. This is also where one of the biggest cemeteries is located in Lyria. There are a couple of abbeys that house Orus' clerics, training them in the ways of Orus.


The an example of one of the hospitals in the district.

There are also plenty of hospitals and clinics scattered throughout the district for those whom do not wish to go to the Temple, or should they follow a god that is not welcomed. They have clerics and doctors there to tend to people who need help.

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