Tal Rogath Showdown

XP Awarded LegionDM

Participants: Chronnis as GMPC, Puck, Kainus, Mistico
Chronnis: Ftr7/Brd4,114 hp, 32 AC, -2 perc ,5f/11r/7w, 13sp, Warrior-Noble seeking greater dominion in the city of Lyria
Kainus, Fighter, Level 9, 117 HP, 22 AC, +0 Perception, F9 R3 W3, Ludus General
Mistico Fighter Level 9 /HP 108 /AC 27/ Fort 8/ Reflex 7/ Will 3/ Prec 6 /Free-lance Merc
Puck: Bard 7 63 HP AC 14 Perc 9 3f/r6/w5 23SP Musician, and Free Spirit

The mission was to sneak into Tal Rogath's stronghold and take him out while his army was distracted, the culmination of a months long ooc and years long ic war between orcish hordes and the civil folk of the Isle of Cirnes.

They had to deal with orc riders on large worgs, a complex prisoner dilemma, catapults, infiltration, and Tal Rogath himself.

XP: 9600 each
GP: 4650 each

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