Physical Description

One might claim that the Takani are, in fact, cousins to the Dajara by way of evolution and appearance. Where the Dajara evolved from spiders, the Takani appear to have evolved from beetles. With menacing appendages stretching out from its back, the Takani's carapace tends to take on a rather colorful luster, taking on the appearance of battle armor rather than a shell. One might confuse the Takani with a monster due to the fact that they do resemble over-grown insects, possessing two large bulbous eyes, only several fingers upon each hand, and strange whiskers upon its head that are in as many different colored hues as their shells. These whiskers appear to stretch down their back, beneath their carapace, and down the length of their tail.


Takani tend to live in existing cities all throughout Cal'Aranthe Takani have no distinct cultures or languages.


Takani share many personality qualities with humans; they are creative, passionate, inventive, and they have a sense of humor. Despite their appearance, their likable and relaxed demeanor can be quite charming. They are excellent conversationalists, having strong and rich voices that give many the feeling that they are wise and intelligent. They enjoy conversing and interacting with all friendly races, and are often quick to lend a helping hand. They forge strong and loyal friendships, and feel nearly all emotions that humans do, with a few exceptions. Their nonjudgmental nature allows them to get along with any of the core races that also maintain an open mind.

Ironically, their apparently familiar personalities cause their differences to seem even starker when others become aware of them. The most evident of which is that Takani have no sense of romance or romantic love; even those that are sexually mature view the process as a required duty rather than a pleasurable interaction. They also don’t see the need to interact with others of their own kind, unless it’s a matter of reproduction. Aside from their colossal nurseries, there are no Takani cities or communities;

Takani are far less likely to judge races based on appearance than most other races. Therefore they will often be seen in the company of a motley sort. Their motivations drive them towards other races for various reasons, usually involving conversation, entertainment, or business. They get along rather well with the Nil'Dajara often calling them cousins.

Alignment and Religion

Takani are often chaotic, and value their individual freedom over the laws of society. Luckily they are also quite peaceful in their pursuit of personal gain and seldom stoop to darker means. Therefore Takani are usually chaotic good. However, any alignment of Takani has been encountered.

Takani have no deities of their own, While not well suited to a life of piety, a few clerics and paladin Takani do exist.


Takani adventure for many reasons, though there are three reasons that are most common. First, Takani love nothing more in life than creature comforts: food, drink, and song. They will travel far and wide to amass enough wealth to afford a life of luxury and excess.The second reason for adventure is simply the love of adventure itself. All Takani seem to be instilled with the desire to experience new things, and thrive on the rush of adrenaline in the face of great danger.

Names: Drister, Drytun, Haldozan, Malowa, Miraopay, Morgnan, Pulequay, Telduuk, Tiibay, Vanuuz, Verduzi, Vesterban, Zimberbim

Racial benefits
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, –2 Dexterity: Takani are witty and charismatic but their shell makes them a bit slow
Bonuses: Takani recieve a +2 bonus to diplomacy and Knowledge (local)
Natural Armor: Takani have a +2 racial bonus to natural armor.
Vision: Takani have Low light vision and dark vision 60 feet.
Languages: Takani speak Common and Aklo, Takani with igh Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Height and Weight: Height 4'6 - 5'5 Weight 100 -155 pounds

Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
18 years 45 years 65 years 75 years 105 years
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