Description: Steamsaws are smaller, portable versions of the saws attached to the arms of goblin shredders. The spinning blade of a steamsaw is usually used to cut down trees, but some have learned to use the unwieldy device in combat. Use of a steamsaw in melee combat requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency (steamsaw). The steamsaw is a two-handed weapont hat inflicts (2d6 + Strength modifier) points of slashing damage.

The steamsaw passes up to 5 points of hardness of wooden objects

Operation: DC 15 Use Technological Device check for basic use; see text for combat use,unlike most technological weapons the steamsaw has a special feature, it can be used as a normal weapon when it comes to full attacks aoos and thinks of the sort (treat it like a greatsword)

Fuel: 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every hour the device is turned on.

HR: 5
Hp: 25
Size:Small (weapon category: special, two-handed)
Weight: 25 lbs.
MR: 3
Craft DC: 17

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