Stand And Derpliver

Quest Objective: To safely guard a caravan from the Aliere mines to Lyria.
Status: FAILED.
Outcome: Turned on employers, robbed caravan of portable goods, killed the guards, and rode off for the city under the cover of darkness before the hobgoblin outriders returned.

Reshar as GMPC

Fumetsu Fighter 1: 13HP, 19AC, MWK Longsword, MWK Composite Longbow +2 (20 Arrows), Halberd, Flail, Cestus, Fort =5, Reflex +2, Will -1, Percep -1, SP 0, Rai Deathworshipper
Aaullan Sorc1: 6hp, 10AC, no weapons, fort/ref 0, will+1, Per -1, SP=7
Reshar: Barbarian 1: 13hp, 19AC, 3F, 6R, -1W(with conditions), Perception: 5
Otoahhastis, 15HP, 18AC, +5 Fort, +2 Ref, +1 Will, +5 Pec

XP: 200 each.

Valuables each: 135 gp, 1 light horse, not combat trained, shortbows and scimitars aplenty.

Otoahhastis declines gp rewards for this mission due to moral objections.

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