Spell Maneuvers
Rogue Talent Prerequisite(s) Benefit
Advanced Maneuvers Gain a bonus feat of your choosing.
Blast Trick Change the damage type of your blast.
Cantrips Select additional cantrip spells
Critical Spell When you score a critical hit with a spell, make a single melee attack
Still Magic Cast one spell per day with the Still Spell feat
Extra Swift Spell Vanguard 5 Gain extra swift spell multiple times.
Force Adept Cast mage hand at will or use your Arcane Power to cast telekinesis
Free Step Use your arcane Power to increase your movement
Hand of The acolyte You cause your melee weapon to fly from your grasp and strike a foe.
Improved Vanguard Blast Improve your blast damage
Spell Block Vanguard 10 Block a incoming spell as Dispel magic
Power Casting Overclock the power of your spells.
Spell Charge Replace an attack with a spell during a charge.
Spell Grapple Vanguard 15, Spell Block Launch a blocked spell back to its caster.
Spell Point Maneuver Select a spell point feat.
Spell Rush Spell Charge Push back opponents with spell charge.
Spell Sunder Vanguard 10 Dispel spell effects with your bonded weapon.
Spell Supression Vanguard 15 As Antimagic Field
Stalwart Make a save to avoid a secondary effect on an enemy attack
Wave of Mutilation Vanguard 5 Use your arcane Power to make a cone attack with your weapon
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