D'Orcness Rising Pt 2

exp awarded

This adventure was probably the most grueling experience of many of their lives. One began to see the consequences of a race bred in the pits of the Earth, tainted with the seed of Oni lineage, and tortured for generations to become unflinching killing machines, all of them surging with aggression, strength, and a misery that propels them to seek a violent death as reprieve from the torment of survival, propelled by a religious promise of glory in afterlife for battle. The dwarves were known as stout, capable warriors, but they never had a chance, even in the hundreds. Crossing the rugged terrain of Cirnes, drakes stalked you in the night. Wretched fey played cruel revenge for petty slights. And upon arrival to this horrific scene, the battle of your lives awaited as you each descended into darkness. Cruel, unforgiving, quiet, a stony chamber dusty as a mausoleum, dark as the basement of hell. And there, with glowing red eyes, boar tusks, jagged rust weapons, and a savage delight in slaughter and strength that was impossible to describe, each of you held the line. It was like chopping into trees as each of you tore into the sea of the enemy, witnessing the rending of Oni flesh and the fearsome realization of carnage that poured into you, biting with tusk and iron and greasy muscle and thick hides and the animalistic groans of creatures bred just to die well. But for what seemed like an eternity, every ounce of tactical acumen, coordination, teamwork, brawn, courage, and raw will carried you barely through the day, with half the team in shock bleeding out, the rest hanging on by a blurred vision and a stubborn drive to be the last warriors standing in this dark chasm. Triumph of a darkness beyond color, a slaughter beyond literary compare…You, emerge from the pit of the abyss, having stared into it, and bloodied its nose when it stared back.

Spellcaster (healer spec) level 1 6 hp 11 ac 4 perception for 0 reflex 0 will 6

Draklaar Warrior/4/52/20/0/7/1/1

Vegard: Warrior/1/13 hp/18 AC/+1 perc/2/2/3

Gwynn: Tinker, Level 1, hp-7, AC 13, F-1, R-5, W-1


1. Everything I houserule is to speed shit up and it's in your favor. No grid, just trust me on placement. I'll assume you're flanking if possible, getting the most mooks in an area spell, etc

2. I will warn you if your character is about to do something retarded that he realizes is retarded.

3. If you die, it just lasts until the end of the quest, but you get dropped out of the rest of the quest. I don't enforce permanent death, just assume you're heavily wounded and get dragged out after the adventure is done. If it's a total party kill, mission failed, but no lasting effects other than shame

4. That being said, don't whine if you get your ass killed. It doesn't last, shit happens.

5. If you take more than 5 minutes for your turn in a dice order, you get skipped. Try to follow post order for freeform, but if someone takes all day, post around em.

6. My suggestions: Work together, form squad tactics before you plunge in. Selfish characters tend to die. You don’t have to be brilliant but work as a team. I make these encounters to where you'll probably lose if you go full retard a la Tropic Thunder. Work together, talk to each other, and think about what you're going to do before your turn. If you don't know what to roll, ask someone before your turn comes up. I recommend seeing the dice result before typing description too.

7. You’ll appreciate the difficulty when you win and savor that sweet tactical and storyline victory.


1800 xp 1100 $ each
+10 $ for every orc’s head (+200, +50 $ each) total $ 1150 each
Choice of up to 5 falchions, greataxes, maces, or battle axes

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