D'Orc-ness Rising

XP Awarded

DM Name: Chronnis (Alexian account)

Player 1 Cookie
player 2 Jarvin
player 3 Gwynn
Experience 400 xp each

Treasure: 170 gp each, 1 guard dog worth 25 gp for Cookie

Expenses: Cookie 11 copper, Jarvin 4 copper

Quest Summary: (optional)
Dwarven merchant Heinrich Rocksword hires the team to investigate possible insurance fraud for death benefits of mining workers in the Aliere mountains. Across the lengthy journey, a drunken half ogre picks a fight but is diffused, as Jarvin joins the team. Later, a week into their travel to the mountains, they come upon Gwynn in process of being mugged on the highway by bandits. They save the day and she helps. They reach the mountains, where they realize that Rocksword would have prayed for insurance fraud compared to the scene that awaited them.

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