Sneak Arena

Quest Date:

DM Name:

Chin Ta Mi Lung

150 + 50 job well done, 200 xp total (all)

175 gp (all)


Quest Summary:
The party fought a grimlock and four tiefling rogues. The battle didn't start off with a positive light either, as Natsumi nearly fell in the fray — the grimlock charged at her front and the tieflings took to ganging up on her from either side, flanking of one another. This was their tactic, to constantly keep a flank if possible, maneuvering around those that wished them harm to the best of their ability. Natsumi sustained excessive damage, nearly dropping her; Damascus was killed and went down like a proper soldier, raging in the process; Chin remained untouched the entire fight, despite delivering blows heavy enough to cause a tiefling to bleed from his nose, ears, and eyes. All in all, it was a great battle and the party emerged victorious!

DM Character Reward:
Memnoch: 750 xp / 4,333 gp

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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