Slotless Wondrous Items

Slotless Minor Wondrous Items

Universal Solvent 50gp
Dust of Tracelessness 250gp
Elixir of Hiding 250gp
Elixir of Tumbling 250gp
Elixir of Swimming 250gp
Elixir of Vision 250gp
Silversheen 250gp
Bottle of Messages 300gp
Animated Portrait 500gp
Elixir of Fire Breath 1,100gp
Grave Salt 1,100gp
Dust of Appearance 1,800gp
Stone of Alarm 2,700gp
Stone Salve 4,000gp
Wind Fan 5,500gp

Slotless Medium Wondrous Items

Scabbard of Keen Edges 16,000gp
Chime of Interruption 16,800gp

Slotless Major Wondrous Items

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