A sling is little more than a leather cup attached to a pair of strings.

Description: Your Strength modifier applies to damage rolls when you use a sling, just as it does for thrown weapons. You can fire, but not load, a sling with one hand.

Action: Loading a sling is a move action that requires two hands and provokes attacks of opportunity.

You can hurl ordinary stones with a sling, but stones are not as dense or as round as bullets. Thus, such an attack deals damage as if the weapon were designed for a creature one size category smaller than you and you take a –1 penalty on attack rolls.

Range increment

Range increment is how far this weapon can be fired at the penalty shown is to hit without far shot feat and with far shot feat

Range Without far shot feat with far shot feat
50 ft. 0 0
100 ft. -2 -1
150 ft. -4 -2
200 ft. -6 -3
250 ft. -8 -4
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