Description: The first machine designed to mimic the humanoid form. a Shredder uses the steamsaw attached to their Arms to cut down lumber at an Incredible rate. unmatched by peasant work crews.

Operation (Shredder): DC 15 Use Technological Device* check. a shreder pilot's seat has limited room and the pilot must wear light or no armor however the pilot recieves a +4 cover bonus to ac while inside.

Operation (Steamsaw): DC 10 Use Technological Device* check to start; Exotic weapon Proficiency (steamsaw) and melee attack rolls for combat.

Fuel: 2 liquid phlogiston a hour

AC: 2
Hardness: 5
Hitpoints: 50 hp
Size: Large (15 ft. tall x 9 ft. wide)
Speed: Speed 10 mph (90 ft.) (poor)
Cargo: 1,000 lb.
Weight: 900 lbs
Malfunction rating: 3
Craft DC: 25
Crew: 1
Start up time: 2 minutes

Steamsaw (mounted on right arm) 4d6
Start up time: 2 rounds

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