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The Sha`Zhu are a almost extinct human race that lives in the northen deserts of Adevash are and the ancestors of the Rokugani people. its estimated than less than 50,000 Sha`Zhu still exist and their numbers are declining in some areas of Adevash. those that travel down too Kyan blend in with their Rokugani cousins and eventually either assimilate entirely to their culture or simply get bred out due to interracial marriages.

The Sha'zhu people hail from Adevash.. They look much like their Rokugani brethern, save that their skin is much darker than the average, due to living out in the sun and blazing heat for so long.

The sha prefer to call themselves Kalubaatar or Kalu, believing that long ago in a history lost, that was the name of the great empire of Kalubaatar, ruled by a benevolent king of kings and was the bane of other nations and their people that had inhabited Adevash. Not much is known of this fallen empire of the desert and steppes, although ruins lie scattered and buried in places known, though a great majority more unknown. All else that's really known is that the warriors of this forgotten kingdom were ruthless and cunning in battle, especially on horseback, developing the nickname Xiongmeng Sha Qishou (translated roughly as Ferocious Sand Riders). The horseback training practices are still in existence today.

In the desert, the sha live in small tribes where ever water may be found. There are some larger tribes, but these are only around large quantities of water. Figuratively speaking, these tribes can be viewed as cities and towns. In the past, before the rise of the Kalubaatar, sha would live in nomadic tribes; however, upon the successful finding and honed skill of herding, the sha were able to settle down more than that they previously had. Depending on the source of water, certain sha tribes may still live a nomadic life, but even amongst sha, it's considered fool-hearted because 1) not knowing where one may land in such a harsh and unforgiving environment and 2) because tribes, thus communities, are expected to land claim on their places of residence, so as to avoid other people landing claim to them instead.

The sha excel in the field of mounted combat, a warrior without a mount usually mocked for their ignorance (or just difference). The most common mounts a sha uses are horses and camels, but any mount is generally acceptable as long as they're quick and agile. For the same reason they want their mounts quick and agile, is the same reason why most mounted combatants also choose to avoid wearing heavy armor. It's not unheard of for them wear it, but the usual practice consists of light armor only. Mounted warriors are trained in archery mostly, but also sword and polearm play.

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