Sense Motive Fastplay

Sense Motive

DC Base: 20 (hunch)
Check Frequency: per use
Time: 1 minute or more (GM discretion)

Sense Enchantment

DC Base: 25 or 15
DC Base: 15 (target is dominated)

Discern Secret Message

Restriction: GM makes all checks in secret and reveals the results as needed
DC Base: opposed Bluff check
Dice Modifier: -2 per piece of missing information
Success: <= 4 you know there's a hidden message but not what it says
Success: >= 5 you intercept and understand the secret message
Failure: <= 4 you detect no hidden communication
Failure: >= 5 you might infer false information (GM discretion)

Other Notes

Bonus In: +2 favored enemy
Bonus In: +2 Alertness (feat)
Bonus In: +4 Alertness (feat) + Sense Motive (10 ranks)
D20: Sense Motive

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