Titles: The Sea Maiden, The River Mother
Home: ????
Alignment: true Neutral
Portfolio: Sea, Rivers, Earthquakes
Worshipers: Sailors, Fishers, Coast Dwellers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Earth,Ocean, Rivers Weather , Water
Blessings: Earth ,Weather, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident
Symbol: Sea Shell
Sacred Animal: dolphin and the horse
Sacred Colors: Sea Green


Like other chaotic neutral deities, Schala requires little from her followers.Schala represents all the bounty and the danger of the sea and rivers, bringing forth life (she is said to have created both horses and cattle) and taking it away.



Schala is often depicted as a beautiful woman in a flowing gown , wielding A trident.

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

Creatures of the sea are considered her Divine servants.

Church of Schala

The church, and certainly the faith of Schala, can be found in all natural places.

Worshipers and Clergy

Schala's worshipers are typically tribesfolk living on the banks of a great river or swamp, although fishermen, river guides, Sailors and smugglers frequently offer her prayers as well. Most tribes that follow the Sea Maiden simply want to avoid outsiders, even when they are a typically aggressive race, such as gnolls or orcs. When friendly relations can be established, few beings make a better river guide than a cleric of Schala. Worshipers of Schala often have an odd relationship with lizardfolk. While the reptiles do not worship Schala, they accept her followers as tribesmembers, and work together for mutual defense. The lizardfolk are able to navigate Schala's waters freely, without fear of getting lost or encountering the plant monsters that so often attack non-worshipers. Boggards hate and fear Schala's followers, and attempt to harass them at every turn. A boggard tribe often migrates rather than engage in warfare with the people of Schala.

Schala's clerics wear sea green vestments.

Temples and Shrines

Schala’s temples are always located within sight of the sea, often on promontories, seaside cliffs, or islands. They are usually open to the sea air.

Holy Texts

** Hymns to the Waves**
This book includes prayers, rules for personal behavior and the respect of nature.


Are typically every twenty days, as this corresponds with the Lunar Cycle. They are for making sacrifices in her honor when the tides are at their height.

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