Titles: The Darkness,The poison,The abyss ,The nameless
Home: ????
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Decay Parasites Transformation
Worshipers: Old Cults
Cleric Alignments: LE NE CE
Domains: Death, Evil, Poison,Decay
Blessings: Death, Evil, Poison,Decay
Favored Weapon: Spear
Symbol: None
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Black,Dark Green

Sathl-Yigoth is a elder god that is said to have been summoned into the Aldium aeons ago in a long forgotten era that predates even the Hajrl themselves. turning victims into undead creatures powered by a combination of necromancy His essence.

Most information about his existence has been lost over time, until he emerges as a threat. It is said that the ancients themselves imprisoned him with the help of the gods.

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