Game Mechanics Disclaimer

Remember: always ask the dungeon master if something is available or allowed in a homebrew game; do not assume it's here, use our listings for content. If you're in doubt, ask. You don't go to your local table top game and assume the GM is going to use x this and x that, then get mad when you went over them and they tell you to redo your sheet, do you? No, you don't.

Even though we use the open gaming license for some content, and we use Pathfinder Homebrew content, there are a lot of similarities to 3.5E, but it is not 3.5. Dungeons and Dragons is done in game sessions. Here in Aldium, it is considered an ongoing game, with an ongoing theme, and not different game sessions; so things develop a bit slower and there are a lot of rules that do not follow normal D&D gameplay. SRD references may not be entirely accurate, with other items moderated, for fairness of gameplay. Don't be a Rule Lawyer!!!

General Rules

1. Topics in the game's rooms are subject to change for the purposes of special announcements or events. It is the player's responsibility to read the updated information and inquire with staff should they have any objections or questions to the material presented.

2. Please refrain from OOC (Out of character chatter) in the main role play channels of Aldium if you want to carry a out of character conversation please join the OOC channel.

3. This game is rated R. If a minor (under 18) enters the game, that is under that player's own discretion. We assume no responsibility for what the minor views. Rated R includes vivid descriptive scenes of violence and suggestive sexuality. This game is not rated XXX, so no sexually-explicit roleplaying will be accepted (IE: sex, rape). If a legitimate complaint presents itself, an OP reserves the right to ask the players involved to tone it down or take it to a private chat.

4. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Should a player be found sexually harassing other players, whether in PM or in the rooms themselves, they will be banned from the game as to avoid creating an environment that makes other players uncomfortable with playing in. Plus, it's just wrong. Predators are not welcomed in our game.

5. A person does not have to tell you who they are OOCly - This includes their gender. That is their prerogative to tell you, and it is not for a person to harass another person that wants to remain anonymous. The only time IRL/OOC first name is needed is upon character registration for the head admin purposes only, and at this time we will not disclose the information to anyone else not staff.

6. Advertising of any other games will not be tolerated inside Aldium. Anyone caught advertising will be warned and asked to stop. If they continue, they could be banned. Advertising games to other players in PM (Otherwise known as 'poaching') is also unacceptable. Any players caught doing so will receive a warning prior to being kicked from the game.

7. Keep in mind that even though anyone is welcome to hang out in our ooc room be on your best behavior. If you are not an active member of this community you are considered a guest. Active player not pleased versus someone not contributing anything means the active player will always win. If it's the guest causing the problems is as simple as that don't pester the active community nor instigate.

8. This is pathfinder homebrew and the classes and content are copyright of pazio we have no intention of making a profit and this is purely for entertainment use. Creation of character and/or account, and entrance into the game's rooms, whether active or not, is a full acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules above. Staff reserves the right to make exceptions or changes to these rules at their discretion for the purposes of dealing with individual cases.

Semi- Freeform

There are many translations of what "semi-freeform" can mean on a roleplaying game, so here is our definition:

  • We do not micro manage a lot of the small transactions such as you roleplaying ordering a drink or a meal or staying at a inn or owning a house.
  • We do not micro manage players that decide to make factions gangs, troupes and crews (You do, however, still need to follow the faction creation rules. Ask a GM)
  • You do not need a GM to roleplay, start a scene or play with others.
  • You still, however, need to play races and classes that we have
  • Still confused? simply go to #Aldium-Shoptalk:** and we will help you out!
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License