Root Of The Blight

DM Name:





13,296 xp each


11,034gp each

Gardenia- Boots of Escape, +3 chain shirt, +1 heavy mace, headband of mental prowess +4 [Wis, Cha]
Orion- Bracelet of Second Chances, Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Cloak of Resistance +3
Savus- Axe Beak Mount, 3,000gp


Savus 4 bolts

Quest Date:


Quest Summary:

Lady Endrin summoned Orion and Savus to go check out the report of the forest overtaking a hamlet on her lands. She sends Gardenia with them to investigate. The found the hamlet completely cover in trees, grass, flowers and ivy. The went into the forest and found a tree being that was being protected by a woman. She tells them to go find the heart of this blight and she will bring back the forest from the lands. They find a Blight crystal being guarded by a lich. They defeated the lich and broke the crystal. Inside was a druid that was powering the crystal sending out the Blight spell. Once it was broken the area got better. The woman appeared and took the druid. And gave a quest to find and destroy the remaining 12 crystals to restore the forest back to normal.

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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