Roleplaying Rules

Roleplaying Rules

1. No Metagaming: Just because you know the person out of character does not mean you know their character. Be respectful, ask if you aren't sure of an in-character detail. Make sure you read a person's storyhooks. It may provide information they don't want you to know about the character.

2. One Lining: We don't expect people to constantly post 2-3 paragraphs, but if the person you're playing with is posting that much, please be respectful and give them more to work with than one sentence. It's common courtesy to give as much as you get. No one here is an elitist, and we will not rag on you for having shorter posts than the person you're playing with. Just make sure your posts have substance to them so the person you're playing with doesn't run out of things to post because they're drained from having to work up an entire scene and only getting one sentence in return. This -can- be mentally draining to players.

A player has the right to ask you to put forth a little more effort or to post a bit more if they feel they aren't getting what they should from you. It takes two people to make a scene, not just one person crafting the entire scene while one person reacts with very little given.

One lining creates a stale and boring gaming environment; the staff can tell you to put a little bit more effort even if they're not in the scene.

Also, be respectful of others. "One line spam rp" can be considered disruptive by others as it forcefully floods the channel, making the screen move non-stop. If you are told to please slow down or make your posts bigger, now you know why.

3. Multitasking: We understand that some people like to play in multiple rooms at once, which is fine, but keep in mind that it's your responsibility to make sure you reply at a timely manner. Don't get upset if you're told to post faster. Making someone wait 20-30 minutes because you're busy elsewhere is unacceptable. If it's that important, just wait to play with the player at another time. This basically comes down to the sacred and universal law of: the world doesn't revolve around you.

4. Remember: There is a ten word buffer. The first ten words you say do not give you rp experience (see Game Bot).

5. Be Patient: When interacting with more than one person, wait for all the people in your interaction to post before you post again. As in, if someone's a part of the scene, even if you're not currently talking/interacting with them, you must wait for them to post before you do so again. This is common courtesy and not doing this typically leads to pushing someone out of the scene, especially if two people do it like: Player 3 is posting, Player 1 and Player 2 are posting non-stop, Player 3 doesn't get a chance to post. Not everyone posts fast.

6. Read the Posts: Skimming through a post will often lead to you missing something important. A player has the right to ask you to repost if your post is impossible or very difficult to work with because you did not take the five extra seconds to read it.

7. Solo Roleplaying: We'd rather not say no to people when it comes to this, as we know most people do it because they're trying to develop their character one way or another; however, people roleplaying by themselves will receive 50% less experience per post. This is due to some people roleplaying by themselves because "I get roleplay exp faster" - it creates an unfair advantage.

8. Multiple Personality Syndrome: Roleplaying in multiple rooms simultaneously as the same character is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, you may only roleplay one character at a time. To clarify, you may not roleplay two different characters (or more) under two different names (or more), though npc'ing one of your characters in your posts is generally acceptable.

Player's Responsibility

Note: It is a player's responsibility to initiate RP with other players. "I'm waiting for other people to start RPing before I join in" is a toxic mentality, because then every one else is going to fall in line with it, and, before you know it, there will be no people roleplaying. The game is on-going, so the staff has ensured that players get XP for roleplaying actively. If you are only in this game for the quests, then please see our forum board under Quest Announcements to view the next event; however, keep in mind, players who are actively roleplaying will take precedence over roleplayers who do not. Again, this does not mean that you will be denied into the quest, but those who actively roleplay have priority.

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