Robe Of The Archmagi

Aura strong varied
CL 14th
Slot body
Price 75,000
Weight 1 lb.

This normal-appearing garment is attuned to one of three types of alignment. It can be white (01—45 on d%, good alignment), gray (46—75, neither good nor evil alignment), or black (76—100, evil alignment). To most wearers, the robe offers no powers or has no effects unless the wearer’s alignment doesn’t match that of the robe (see below). Only an arcane spellcaster can fully realize this potent magic item’s powers once the robe is donned. These powers are as follows.

  • +5 armor bonus to AC
  • Spell resistance 18
  • +4 resistance bonus on all saving throws
  • +2 enhancement bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance

If a white robe is donned by an evil character, she immediately gains three permanent negative levels. The same is true with respect to a black robe donned by a good character. An evil or good character who puts on a gray robe, or a neutral character who dons either a white or black robe, gains two permanent negative levels. These negative levels remain as long as the garment is worn and cannot be overcome in any way (including through restoration spells). Negative levels are immediately removed if the robe is removed from the wearer.


Craft Wondrous Item
antimagic field
mage armor or shield of faith
creator must be of same alignment as robe
Cost 37,500

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