Red Dog Tavern

The Tavern

The red dog Tavern is located to the north of Oldtown and is the hangout for most pirates, thieves and mercenaries looking for work. Sally can usually be seen at the top levels watching down everything that happens below.

The owner of the tavern Eric "Buck" Julians

Even tho Sally is the voice of the tavern it is actually owned by Buck, who is a retired pirate captain standing 6'0 a eye patch and has a whip on his left hand side which he claims he stole from a balor himself during one of his many adventures.

Buck tends to be full of useful information and may share it with adventurers (sometimes for a price depending what is asked) or for tasks that he might need help with. Occasionally he has random work for travelers.

Regarding Buck

Buck is an open NPC, anyone is welcome to use him or associate with him somehow in their roleplay.

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