Common Races

The native races listed below are humanoids that compose most of the population in the Emril Region, and, to some degree, the world of Aldium with the exception of a couple of continents.

Dwarf Elf Human
Vada Rai

Beastman Races

Beastmen races can be traced to some form of feral ancestor. Beastmen are typically shamanistic in nature and can be found virtually anywhere you find natural forests, mountains or deserts.

Asterion Woren Lupin
Kitsune Usakichi

Deino Races

These races are native to the Deino Region, and tend to be neutral in the world's affairs despite the aggressiveness of the wild creatures resident to their continent, it is unknown how many races exist on the Region.

Gilarsh Nil'Dajara (locked currently) Tengu

Fey Races

Fey races can be traced to some form of magical ancestor, typically fey; however, it is unknown how many different species of fey actually exist. The ones listed below, to date, are the only known fey races on Aldium. Fey are typically most remembered for their charismatic attitudes towards people. Above the other races, they are probably the friendliest towards the native races.

Fey Touched Houri Piper

Half Bloods

When two different races get together and reproduce, an offspring is sometimes produced that takes the dominant traits of both races to make a half-blood child. With the exception of Half-Rai, all half-bloods listed below are considered to be half-human.

Dhampir Half-Dwarf Half-Elf
Half-Orc Half-Rai

Plane-Touched races

Where the other races have relied upon the method of breeding to attain a classic hybrid race, the plane-touched are the exception to this. Plane-touched are humans that have ancestry to one of the planes such as the fire or earth plane. Their matter of origin is a simple one: they suddenly emerged. They are anomalies in the material plane.The exception to this rule are the Awakened Golem, they are touched by arcane magic

Aasimar Awakened Golem Deathtouched Ifrit
Oread Sylph Tiefling Undine
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