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  • You are more than welcomed to create your own NPCs; however, you cannot quest in your own quest with your own character. You can do the quest on any of the settings within the game of Aldium.

Main Storyline Quests

  • Quests that affect the main storyline of the game are not allowed unless it is by the official staff.

Number of Players

  • While running a quest, you are required to have at least 2 players and a maximum of 4 willing participants.

5 Minute Rule

  • Each DM will be responsible for ensuring the timeliness of their quests. To assist, we are implementing a 5 minute rule - unless you are conferring with the DM, each player has 5 minutes from the previous post to roll or state actions/post before they forfeit their turn.

Twink Rule

  • A DM can refuse a player from his or her quest for any reason, be it personal or otherwise, WITHIN REASON. A DM does not have to run quests for problematic players. This includes players who intentionally break quests for their amusement, are disrespectful to players and DMs, or twink out their characters to the point where running them would be a detriment to everyone's enjoyment.

Posting Phase

  • Typing faster does not mean you get items faster than anyone else. Posts are done in an action phase, meaning the DM posts, then players; all events happen within that time period. If someone is closer to something, they obviously get to it and/or perform an action with it first, regardless of typing order (this is where players should be talking). One post per DM post only.

Don't Assume

  • Make sure the DM notes or confirms actions you may think are essential later by simply asking: "Noted?". Don't assume an action leads to another reaction. A good example would be you walk into a dark cave, and never made it known you turned on a lamp; that's common sense, but you never stated that you did.


  • In the event of a TPK (total party kill), for this particular quest, the mission fails. You may lose an item or an item breaks; other than that, no real consequences.

Rule 0

  • We are here to roleplay and have fun on quests. The Game Master has the final say on anything he/she dictates happens on a quest, regardless of demand. Some enemies are clever, they may gun for you because you are possibly a threat or flee from you for the same reason. Whether an enemy is clever or random, it's all the luck of the draw, no one's person is being targeted; do not think the DM is picking on you by having everything attack you or that they are ignoring you.

The Show Must Go On

  • Sometimes quests can temporarily end on a TBC (to be continued). If you participate on a quest, it is your responsibility to speak to the staff and others that were on the quest in order for there to be a continuation. After one week, the quest will be abandoned (resulting in no one receiving anything) or, to be fair to those who want to continue, any player unable to attend will be removed from the quest.

If it is a campaign quest or a storyline quest, make sure you can attend the continuations at a reasonable time, otherwise you will be retconed out of that part of the quest chain.


  • Lack of active participation during quests will result in reduced or full deduction of rewards, per the GM/DM's discretion. It is up to each GM/DM to judge what lack of participation is on a quest.


Rewards: A player hosting a quest will receive experience equal to the characters level that they choose versus total CR divided by how many players participated. Do not try to use the system to power level your characters. We will catch you.
Experience: Experience is awarded as per guidelines found in the DMG with no changes (see Encounter Calculator). Players will not update their sheets until this experience is added to the Master's (Character Experience Table) of the Character Experience page by one of the Ops.
Gold: See Treasure Values Per Encounter. Divide the amount given by however many players you have.
Treasure: In order to give out magic items are quest rewards, they must first be approved by Ruin. You can, however, give out potions, consumables, and non-magical items.

With all that said, don't whine if you get your ass killed. It doesn't last, shit happens.

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