Quest Log

Quests are something the majority of us absolutely love. It gives us a chance to work our minds and stab things too. There are rules that need to be followed, though. Please read through them here before going on a quest.

To our Quest Runners, there are rules you need to know as well. They are located here.

While a quest may take a long time, it is up to the DM whether or not your character is "busy" during the quest. This is for quests that may take days to complete. This is mostly for those with one character. It can get boring while waiting for everyone to be on to complete a quest. The DM has final say in their quests so listen and be respectful.

For those that run quests, please use the following format to do a write up. You do not have to include a summary if you do not want to. The main thing is to tell us who was in the quest, how much experience they got and what rewards you gave them. This is so we can come back and look at them if we ever forget or we didn't add an item or something.

Quest reward limitation

Please make sure the rewards you give out match treasure values per encounter or are close to it

**DM Name:** 

Player 1
player 2
player 3 
**Experience:** (self explanatory)

**Treasure:** (items gained money ect)

**Expenses:** (arrows used money ect)

**Quest Date:** Date of the quest

**Quest Summary:** (optional)

**xp rewarded by:**

Quest List

2013 Quest List
2014 Quest List

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