Prison Guild Hit Pt 1

XP Awarded LegionDM

GMPC Helper(Archer Support): Variel: Rgr2/Ftr2, 40hp, 19AC, +9 perc, 6f/5r/0w: Big game hunter turned syndicate assassin in search of ever greater thrills. Seeks to sow discord in the city to keep attention away from his people.

Daphvir, level 3 Rogue, HP 24, AC 17, Fort 1, Ref 6, Will 3, Perc +8, SP-n/a, DP-n/a: Trap-maker Kitsune slow to trust others and hides his true form. Prefers ranged combat over close quarters.

Jarod Wiz2, 16hp, 12Ac, +6 perc 2f/7r/ow 6/9sp 2/2bsp: Seeks to gain magical Knowledge to increase his spellbook. Lives by the Philosphy: Knowledge is Power. Is a Bookworm. Is young and inexperienced. And goes Pachoo!

Kayla: 3 wiz, 24 hp 12 ac +2 perc 6f/3r/2w second generation nil dajara trying to relearn the way of life she is the former lord of madness was for 20 years until the spellblight made her mortal again freeing her from that curse.

Rufio: Ma2, 20hp, 18AC, +7 perc, 5f/5r/6w: Cook/bodyguard that goes around 'helping' people so that he can call in favors later. -note has bodyguard feat, can/will increase the ac of allies adjacent to him by +2

THe mission: Fake your arrest, get taken into a notorious prison, infiltrate the cell block where the Xue Long Tong gang has their contact, and take him out.

They got as far as removing one of his 2 ogre bodyguards by murdering him in the shower.

XP: 800 xp each
GP: 550 gp each

Optional: Prison tat done by Timmy the Halfling of any design they choose.

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