Stable,sweeping with codified rules, hierarchies,history and institutions to enforce its credibility, a pantheon is a stable example of divinity promoted openly or condoned by the powers that be. Pantheons might have inner traditions for more ascended subjective member awareness, but the strength of a pantheon is its relate-ability to the masses. A pantheon has open structures and well-quoted teachings to provide comfort and wisdom to those who seek it. Sometimes a pantheon is strongly backed by a faction that refusal to acknowledge the pantheon or any other force could prove unwise or even risky. Many pantheon followers give lip service for benefits or avoidance of consequences.

The well-known rules of a pantheon have sweeping ramifications across the entirety of society, enforcing their tenets with promised rewards or punishments based on certain conduct. Frequent festivals and tenets and rewards capable of being grasped by most keep the society bound together by strong cultural associations. However, outside knowledge is often shunned and seen as heretical. Further, in a system with abundant positions honored by divine right, there is less accountability to the citizenry, and often much abuse.


Allerian Pantheon
Eeltari Pantheon

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