OP Appreciation

DM Name: SageHaven

Rosalyn Silverwing
Ahley Silverwing
Shilo Arkona

Experience: (self explanatory)

Mistico 2087
Rosalyn Silverwing 4939
Ahley Silverwing 4939
Memnoch 4939
Shilo Arkona 2087

Treasure: (items gained money ect)

Mistico 2500gp
Rosalyn Silverwing 8500gp
Ahley Silverwing 8500gp
Memnoch 8500gp
Shilo Arkona 2500gp

Expenses: (arrows used money ect)

were covered

Quest Date: 12/31/2014

Quest Summary: A special tribute to the DMs and OPs that run the game for us players.

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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