Of Dragons and Gems

XP Awarded


1.) Nicole
2.) Haizea
3.) Jaethro
4.) Lurlina
5.) Rogar


Nicole: 904 XP; $90
Haizea: 1100 XP; $110
Jaethro: 100 XP; $10
Lurlina: 1500 XP; $150
Rogar: 1800 XP; $180


Haizea: -3 Cold Iron Arrows
Lurlina: -1 Arrow, +3 Potions of Cure Light Wounds


The two parties were sent into Mount Moldova to search for the next auracite. They were met with tragedy, challenges & a wise hydra that had informed them of another location for a stone after telling the party of the business of the Aegis and Loku.

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