Npc Sheets

Here you will find basic NPC templates, categorized by CR, for every day use. Often times, a GM may need to pull a quick npc to use. Unless otherwise noted, these are all genderless and are of the human race.
These are npcs are pretty much for prop use if you need a type of character for a rp scene, a quest or maybe you need a quickie stated character! whatever the case may be these are here for the players (and Gms alike)

Regarding carried npc gear

The gear carried by NPCs is meant only to reflect their Challenge Rating. The items held by NPCs are not available to be looted or dropped, unless otherwise noted by a DM. (DM's Note: This is to obviously prevent abuse. Do not be the player that we find trying to abuse the NPCs.)

CR < 1
CR 1
CR 2
CR 3
CR 4
CR 5
CR 6
CR 7
CR 8
CR 9
CR 10
CR 11
CR 12
CR 13
CR 14
CR 15
CR 16
CR 17
CR 18
CR 19
CR 20
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