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The Nil'Dajara originate from The Great Dark Beyond. They came from an astral ship known as the Klissa, a slaver vessel, which crash landed in Cal`Aranthe in 3E 900. An aberrant race now in a new world, they try to fit into it as best they can.

The Nil'Dajara were once slaves on the astral ship, the vessel heading to an unknown destination. Most of them have been conditioned their whole life that slavery is their only life and are now learning to live as free people. With the help of the Gilarsh and the Tengu, they have managed to adapt to this new world.

Physical Description: Nil'Dajara stand anywhere from 5'6 to 6'5 feet tall. Their hair color varies just as human hair would and their eyes are always a single color that ranges from pure green to pure violet or red. They have arachnid legs that are able to protrude and retract from their back. These legs appear to only benefit the Nil'Dajara in its ability to climb; beyond that, they have little use for them. Despite the assumption that they may be able to produce spider webs, they cannot.

Society: Nil'Dajara are also very close to their family. If one member of their family needs something, they will go through great personal sacrifice to get it. In many ways, Nil'Dajara are a very sensitive people. They focus greatly on emotion and feelings rather than power or glory.

Perhaps it is these traits that led them to become a matriarchal society. Women are the leaders and the directors; even among their neighborhoods in cities, there is always one elder female that speaks for that particular community. Occasionally, a male Nil'Dajara will rise to power, but it is a rare occurrence; they are, however, usually seasoned elders of their community. Despite this balance of power, male and female roles have a blurry line. Both become hunters, priests, gatherers, child caretakers, and so on. With the exception of leadership, rolls seem to be divvied up more by skill and preference than by gender.

The male to female ratio is unbalanced. For every 100 females only 1 male is known to exist (an indication as to why it is assumed that their society is matriarchal). This has been known to cause some problems and even petty conflicts. Some of the newer generation males raised on Aldium tend to forgo all culture and have their own group of females in an organized family. Though some call this a harem, to a Nil, it is an insult to call it such.

Nil Dajara Reproduction

Relations: Typically seen as abominations of the natural world, Nil'Dajara often have their actions speak louder than their words to break ill-perceived stereotypes. The ability to reproduce with a partner of any gender or species, however, gives a lot of the newer generation Dajara a conservative yet convivial attitude toward other races despite how most see them.

The Nil'Dajara get along very well Gilarsh and the Tengu, and a large number of them live in the Gilarsh capital of Merkath, gladly assisting with construction and any other tasks that may be needed within the city. Most Nil'Dajara consider Cal`Aranthe their home country.

Alignment and Religion: Nil'Dajara tend to value their new-found freedom, but rarely do they tend to develop malicious tendencies of a stand-offish attitude about it. Most of them tend to be Lawful Neutral and worship a variety of gods, though they are known to have their own religions as well: the Eeltari Pantheon (literally meaning "Those That Watch Us").

Adventurers: Nil'Dajara, like humans, tend to go on adventuring for various reasons, but rarely is it for the thrill of the danger or adventure. Some have left the Deino Region to pursue their own interests and/or other lifestyles and culture in other continents.

Racial Benefits
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom : Nil'Dajara and cunning and can be either charismatic or intimidating to some; however, they tend to sometimes have a hard time with hands-on experience.
Medium: Nil'Dajara are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Type Nil'Dajara are Humanoids with the Dajara subtype.
Normal Speed: Nil'Dajara have a base speed of 30 feet and 30 climb speed.
Bonuses Nil'Dajara receive +2 to Knowledge (Dungeoneering).
Dajarian Blood: Nil'Dajara are treated as Dajara for spells and effects.
Spider Legs (Ex): A Nil'Dajara's spider legs can emerge or retract as a move action. When a Nil'Dajara's spider legs are present, she gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Climb checks, provided they are able to use their hands and feet on the climb. The spider legs do not allow the Nil'Dajara to climb as if under the effects of the Spider Climb spell, nor does it give them any benefits such as being able to climb walls or ceilings that normally cannot be climbed while their hands and legs are free; to attempt to do so is an automatic failure, for the legs are not strong enough to hold that much weight on their own.
Darkvision: Nil'Dajara have darkvision 60 ft.
Languages: Nil'Dajara speak Common and Dajarian. Nil'Dajara with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, and Tengu (except Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages. The bonus languages are not retroactive if you increase your Intelligence score.

Nil'Dajara Alternates

These Nil'Dajara receive the same racial bonuses and skills as a normal human, but have cultures that make them stand out among others.

Male Nil'Dajara

Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
18 years 62 years 93 years 125 years 185 years

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Gender Height Weight
Female 5'6 - 6'5 130 - 220 lbs.
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