Nature Gods

These are the gods that most druids tend to pay respect too whether they worship them or not, they are considered the forces of nature , usually worshiped by druids, there are clerics that worship them also, being a strange mixed bag of the Allerian Pantheon and the worship of the Ancients.

Name Domain Alignment
Alcestis Goddess of the the Moon, Goddess of the Crossways Goddess of Night Neutral Evil
Cadmus God of Music, Light the sun and healing Chaotic Good
Eyvra Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility Lawful Good
Ferrakus Lord of Fire True Neutral
Hersius The Sky lord True Neutral
Nemyth Deity of wine, mirth, and madness Chaotic Neutral
Schala The Sea Maiden Chaotic Neutral
Thamul The Earth King True Neutral
Yadira Goddess of Nature and the Hunt Neutral Good
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