Metamagic Feats

Metamagic talents are basically metamagic feats with a few exceptions.

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When casting a metamagic talent the spell cost of the spell goes up by a set amount of spell power described in the talent.

Name Level increase Prerequisites Benefit
Complex Spell +1 - Complex spells add +10 to the DC of Spellcraft skill checks to identify them
Ectoplasmic Spell +1 - Your spells breach the gulf between dimensions, sending ghostly emanations into the ether.
Empower Spell +2 - Increase spell variables by 50%
Extend Spell +1 - Double spell duration
Heighten Spell Special - Treat spell as a higher level
Intensified Spell +1 - Increase maximum damage dice by 5 levels
Maximize Spell +3 - Maximize spell variables
Merciful Spell +0 - Spell inflicts nonlethal damage instead of lethal
Piercing Spell +1 - Affected spell treats creatures with SR as having an SR of 5 lower.
Quicken Spell +4 - Cast spell as a swift action
Selective Spell +1 Spellcraft 10 ranks Exclude targets from an area effect spell
Silent Spell +1 - Cast spell without verbal components
Still Spell +1 - Cast spell without somatic components
Widen Spell +3 - Double spell area

Metamagic Feats

Spell-point spellcasters handle metamagic feats slightly differently than typical spellcasters. In all cases, the spell-point spellcaster calculates the -new- effective spell level of a spell + its metamagic feats, and calculates its spell point cost based on that level. A spell is never considered lower than its base level when calculating its cost with metamagic feats, no matter what traits, feats, or abilities the spellcaster has that might lower its effective level with metamagic. Like standard spellcasters, spellpoint spellcasters cannot use metamagic feats to boost a spell’s effective level to be higher than the highest-level spell the character can cast.

Increase spell time

Increased spell times for spontaneous casters: for spontaneous casters and spells adding a metamagic feat to a spell increases its casting time too a full round action. quicken spell is the only exception to this rule with that said spontaneous spell modified by quicken spell and another metamagic feat does not have its spell time increased.

Prepared casters: prepared casters do not have increased spell time when adding any metamagic feat to spells.

Spell cost

Spells cost the following spell power to cast.

Spell Level Spell Point Cost
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
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