Mathias Veril
Mathias Veril
Titles: King of Lisaria
Date Of birth: 3E 913
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Livrian
Class: Fighter
Homeland: Cirnes
Diety: Allerian pantheon


Not much is known about Mathias 's past except that he comes from the Eylirie Expanse somewhere in a village that was from the Lake ademas Region.He was raised by a elven wizard or so the stories say but the name of the wizard is unknown to anyone. He joined the Veriliansa t the age of 16 in Lisaria and soon became in charge of his own special unit called the hand of Elishar. he served them faithfully and assisted against many a undead and Makyr Threat. already having been somewhat of a local legend within the city walls.

Not much is known about his personal life except that he had a relation with a woman named Arsisal Le'croix, who was said to be some sort of witch that assisted him in some of his battles against the undead and then she vanished from history.

At some point during the Civil war in the island of Cirnes some records and historians where able to track down and conform that he was a direct descendant of King william. and thus was put upon the seat of the throne with the aid of some adventurers.


Mathias is known to be a kind and just person, however "Speak softly and carry a big stick" is a old saying that best describes the king.Benevolent and kind, he cares for his kingdom and his people however his kindness is not to be taken as a weakness as he will not hesitate to bring down his wrath to anyone and anything that threaten the prosperity of his kingdom.

Mathias believes in speaking to his people and listening to the kingdoms problems and once a month, he takes the whole day to allow the common folk too approach his throne room and speak of any concerns they may have. however, if the situation is dire and the king needs to be seen sooner than that he has proper networks in place where he can be seen after his magistrates and vassals see if the situation is something the king should be approached with or if is something the his men can handle.


Mathias has seen many fights in his time. He is rugged with his looks and very handsome that woman fawn over him. He tends to dress in armor that is rather worn and beaten. When he is not in armor he dresses in the finery that is expected of a king with the exception that the cloth is breathable due to the tropic local of Cirnes. He had dirty blonde hair and is quite tall and his build is quite clear that he is a fighter to the core. His eyes are piercing and it is quite hard to look him in the face.

Politics and Beliefs

Mathias believes that everyone should be treated fairly but at the same time, punishments should equal the crime committed. he believes that Lisaria should make strong alliances with the western nations. Ehral, Lara, Loxis And Thurimar.Due to his beliefs being similar to the dwarves of Thurimar, he has made strong alliances and has become a good friend of King Khrados.

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