Titles: Destroyer of Worlds, The Forgotten One
Home: ????
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Annihilation, Ruin, and Transformation
Worshipers: Apocalyptic Cults, Evil Druids, Mâlites
Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Plant
Blessings: Chaos, Destruction, Plant
Favored Weapon: Longsword , Whip
Symbol: What is believed to be his face
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: ??????


To the mâlites, Mâl is the only god in existence. Most priests are druids accompanied by anti-paladins and rangers, and these druids exercise the highest authority and preside over religious rituals. They seek to transform the world around them into another domain of Mâl through grisly experiments and by exterminating or banishing all outsiders. Mâl's anti-paladins command legions of mâlite warriors into battle, and rangers constantly study planar travel and outsiders so that they may guide Mâl's armies back into the Great Beyond.Temples to Mâl appear as enormous bird's nests of briars and thorns, with a small opening in the roof, and a chunk of obsidian serving as an altar. Druids meditate each night, praying for the dissolution of Mâl's bonds. He is worshiped by hidden druidic cabals who wish for chaos to descend upon the civilized world, so that all will be destroyed, and they might gain the favor of Mâl.


Perhaps the only text in common between most gods is the urgent plea not to invoke the name of Mâl. Hidden in the recesses of these and other ancient tomes, whispered by ravaged planar travelers, and recited from the lips of fanatical druids are the tales of a prison plane harboring horrific creatures and a forgotten god. There, long ago, the god Mâl transformed worlds into hideous replicas of his own through annihilation by his horde of mâlites Within the conquered worlds, open plains were ruptured by mountains of serrated obsidian, calm rivers burst into gushing rapids writhing with jagged rocks, and lush jungles choked under a tangle of twisted briars. The world's unlucky denizens were morphed into inhuman servants or killed for mâlite amusement. Mâl's thirst for destruction was not quenched by his home plane's conquest. He sought total domination of the Great Beyond. To thwart this, cites the Divine Record, a group of opposed deities banded together to end his rampage. Alongside an army of planar heroes, they met the mâlite invasion and blasted the horde to pieces. Bound by powerful magic, Mâl was sealed away to rot forever within his perverted domain. And yet his influence is not dead. The Calling of the elves and orcs opened enough of a crack in the fabric of the multiverse to allow Mâl to create a conduit of his power, and to enter the souls and minds of those who would see the universe fall to ruin.


Although it is unknown exactly what Mal is or where he originated from, several theories have long been debated by scholars and theologians.

Divine Intervention

He is currently locked away. His last attempt to escape was thwarted by Orus, Yarnos, and Pennsilia along with a few mortals.

Divine Servants

The horrific Tarrasque is Mal's current Herald.

Church of Mal

Mal has no large-scale, organized church.

Worshipers and Clergy

Priests wear shaggy coats dyed in strange colors and hideous masks representing monstrosity and dissolution. A priest of Mal makes no contribution to normal society; at best, they may be (unreliable) mercenaries. They typically spend their day hunting beings and things to kill and destroy, saving only that which can be utilized in creating greater destruction. The hierarchy is based solely on raw destructive might, and to rise in the hierarchy, another must be thrown down.

His worshipers are only slightly less dedicated, glorying in destruction for its own sake and dismissing building and creating as a pastime for those too weak to destroy. Some worshipers do so out of nihilistic misery, others out of self-loathing, and yet others through a simple, burning rage towards the universe. All are dedicated to Mal's destructive mission.

Church services are brutal and primitive, featuring sapient sacrifices, stomping, shouting, and breaking valuables.

Temples and Shrines

Churches to Mal are banned in nearly every civilized city, and his worship is suppressed in most nations. Secret shrines and sacrificial sites may be recognized by the presence of the famous Mask (seen on this page), or the less common symbol, a claw surrounded by a spiral.

The rare, true temples of Mal are built in caves and other underground locations, with a deep pit in the center (representing Mal's prison) that doubles as a midden. These temples also feature a "tame" monster, barely controlled by the priests, which serves as a guardian.

Holy Texts

Mal has and needs no official holy text. He makes his desires known to his faithful by pressing his primordial and awesome thoughts directly upon their minds. These thoughts primarily concern the destruction of all that exists, and freeing The Rough Beast from his ancient tomb.


Any holidays celebrated by Rovagug's dedicated would be suppressed in civilized lands. There are no holidays common to all congregations

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