Type: Outsider Native (Makyr)
Environment: Any
Alignment: LE,NE,CE

The Makyr are a type of demon and are cousins to the Oni.


The Makyr are a diverse race of creatures that come in all manner of hellish forms. Some are naturally occurring phenomena, whereas others have been manufactured by other Makyr. Most Makyr only follow a basic level of intelligence, with an instinct for death and destruction. However, there are rare breeds of Makyr who possess their own cognition and personality.


The Makyr are found in any area where humans tend to reside. They have a morbid taste for Human flesh and, as far at its known, that appears to be their only food source. They tend to live in caves or abandoned ruins, usually only a couple of miles away from human settlements or areas where they may travel. Their organization tends to vary from a band of eight to more organized groups usually lead by a highly intelligent Makyr.

Their method of reproduction is gruesome, as they kidnap human females and use them for breeding stock deep within their lairs, then eat them when they no longer have a use for them. There have been reported cases of humans dying and being resurrected as Makyr, though this is rare.

The Makyr seem to have a natural talent for necromancy, filling their ranks with all manners of undead, usually from victims they can't eat.


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