Insanity is an affliction inflicted upon those who suffer from extraordinary physical, mental, or spiritual anguishes and trials. Insanity can also be caused by exposure to particularly potent sources of unhinging horror, madness, or alien natures, such that the mind simply cannot withstand them. Insanity is a mind-affecting effect.

Insanity Will DC Onset Effect
Amnesia 20 Immediate –4 penalty on Will saving throws and all skill checks; loss of memory
Mania/Phobia 14 1 day target is sickened (if manic) or shaken (if phobic) as long as the source of the mania or phobia is obvious; chance of becoming fascinated or frightened
Multiple Personality Disorder 19 2d6 days –6 penalty on Will saving throws and Wisdom based skill checks; multiple personalities
Paranoia 17 2d6 days –4 penalty on Will saves and Charisma-based skill checks; cannot receive benefit from or attempt the Aid Another action; cannot willingly accept aid (including healing) from another creature unless he makes a Will save against his insanity’s DC
Psychosis 20 3d6 days character becomes chaotic evil; gains +10 competence bonus on Bluff checks to hide insanity
Schizophrenia 16 1d6 days –4 penalty on all Wisdom and Charisma-based skill checks; cannot take 10 or take 20; chance of becoming confused
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